Get The Jewelry Pieces Of Your Dreams With Custom Jewelry Design

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Get The Jewelry Pieces Of Your Dreams With Custom Jewelry Design

Your jewelry, just like your clothes or haircut, should reflect your personal style and unique taste. Your accessories are almost an extension of yourself, so it makes sense to create a piece that’s just as unique as you are -  and you get to do that with custom jewelry design.

Not only that, but custom-made jewelry is also a great gift because it shows how special that person is to you. After all, they know you took the time to design something unique just for them, instead of picking something off a shelf - and, nobody else in the world will have a piece like it!

Whether you’re after a custom engagement ring, a one-of-a-kind pair of earrings,
a bespoke necklace, or a unique bracelet, our master jewelers can make your jewelry dreams come true.

Why is custom jewelry important?

Simply put, custom jewelry is important because it’s special. In a world where everything is mass-produced, having a unique piece of jewelry made especially for you is priceless. 

Whether you choose to design a piece for yourself or you want to give an unforgettable gift to a loved one, a custom jewelry piece is a personalized item filled with special meaning, and it will be treasured forever. That’s the power of custom jewelry.

How to get custom jewelry made?

Getting a piece of jewelry custom-made for you is much simpler than you’d think!
Here is the step-by-step breakdown of the custom design process:


Step 1 - Request a quote

We have a one-on-one consultation, where you bring photos, sketches, or any ideas you may have. After you’ve told us everything about the jewelry piece of your dreams, you get a complimentary quote based on your design concept, and the precious metals and gemstones you’d like to use.


Jewelry Concept

Step 2 - Concept

Once the quote is approved, our jewelry designers work with you to transform your dreams into reality. You talk about your ideas, show them any images that might have inspired you, then you work together to create a design concept.

At this stage, our GIA-certified gemologists help you select the perfect conflict-free diamonds and gemstones for your design.



Step 3 - Computer-Aided Design and Wax Models

After your design concept has been finalized and an order has been placed, we create a wax or computerized model which displays multi-angled renderings of the jewelry piece of your dreams. Then, the model is sent to you, so you can approve it or request any modifications to the design.


Diamond Ring

Step 4 - Approval & Finished Piece

Upon your final approval, our production team casts your design in the precious metal of your choice, and your diamonds or gemstones are meticulously set by our expert craftsmen. 

Finally, your beautifully finished piece is then thoroughly inspected by our quality assurance team, and voilà! The jewelry piece of your dreams is ready to be brought home with you.

Jewelry re-styling

What’s jewelry re-styling?

Jewelry re-styling or re-designing is when we take old or outdated jewelry and make it into something new. The main difference between custom design and re-styling is that with custom design we create a piece from scratch, while with re-styling we work with a piece that already exists. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get to be just as creative with your design! 


Diamond Fashion Ring

With jewelry re-design, the sky’s the limit. You can create diamond stud earrings out of an old ring, replace the diamonds on a tennis bracelet with gemstones for a fun pop of color - and then create a necklace using those same diamonds. Or, you can make a pendant out of an old pair of earrings, turn a pendant into a ring, and so on. The possibilities of bringing new life to old jewelry are endless.

And the best part is that the re-styling process is super simple. Just bring in the jewelry you no longer wear, and we work with you to design a brand-new piece that suits your style. That way, you get to hold on to the memories and sentimental value of your old jewelry while wearing a piece that actually reflects your own personal style - it's the best of both worlds.


Who makes custom jewelry in Fort Collins, CO?

At Jewelry Emporium, we transform your dreams into reality. See your design come to life before your eyes with the help of our staff of GIA Graduate Gemologists and expert jewelers.

Whether you’re looking to get your wedding band engraved, you want to re-style a family heirloom, or you’re after a custom engagement ring, you can have complete confidence in our expertise. 

Visit us today at 3120 S. College Ave. #140, Fort Collins, CO, or call us at (970) 226-5808. And, don’t forget to follow us on
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