Why You Should Appraise Jewelry By A Professional

Any time you purchase a new piece of fine jewelry, you should have it appraised by a professional jeweler. Many people fail to do so and as a result, they are stuck with jewelry that they cannot wear or sell. Here are 3 reasons why i should have my jewelry appraised professionally:

The jewelry needs to be insured

A person cannot successfully insure a piece of fine jewelry until it has been properly jewelry appraised. Placing a dollar value on an expensive piece is the exclusive domain of a professional appraiser. Without insurance, the consumer has no protection against a number of occurrences, including stones that fall out and theft.

When you do not appraise your jewelry, all of these problems become yours to deal with alone. A jewelry store in Fort Collins can provide the help you need to navigate this part of the process and ensure that you are not left holding the bag after purchasing a faulty piece of jewelry.  As your local Fort Collins jeweler, we act as your personal consultant and keeps you from making the wrong choices when it comes to purchasing jewels.

Jewelry can be swapped during repairs

Let’s say your beloved ring or bracelet loses a few stones or needs some other form of repair. If your jewelry has not been properly jewelry appraised, you could end up being the victim of one of these jewelry swaps. Leaving jewelry at a repair shop without having it appraised first is not recommended. The risk factor is simply too great.

3 Reasons Why I Should Have My Jewelry Appraised Professionally


By receiving your jewelry appraisal from our jewelry store in Fort Collins, you know that you are receiving access to ethical, honest, and accurate appraisals. The reason why a client must protect themselves against these kinds of swaps is that there is no way to prove that the repair shop committed any sort of crime unless you are in possession of official appraisal paperwork.

You may need proof

Jewelry repair is not the only situation where you will need to prove ownership of your own jewelry. There are a variety of insurance and tax situations that require you to provide proof of the jewelry you own and its associated value. Being able to prove that your items truly exist is also important in situations where a person is attempting to pass them down to an heir.

Jewelry Emporium knows how challenging it can be to prove ownership of a piece when you do not have the correct paperwork. By not appraising your jewelry, you are leaving yourself open for a number of tax liabilities and your heirs may not be able to receive their inheritance without being forced to do battle in probate court.