morganite necklaceMorganite is a cousin to the emerald and the aquamarine.  It was once called the “pink beryl” in the early 1900’s but later renamed after J. Pierpont Morgan, a well-known banker and collector of the pink gemstone.  The morganite is peachy-pink in color and relatively rare.  Both California and Madagascar like to boast about being the first to discover morganite.  Regardless of its origin, its beauty is not debatable.

Morganite is pale in its hue, but its value is based on its intensity and saturation of its color, followed by size and clarity.

Wearing morganite is thought to bring a sense of peace, joy and inner strength.

How do you care for morganite?  Warm soapy water and a soft brush or cloth.  Do not use heat of any kind.

Now that you know more about it, come on in to the Jewelry Emporium and see our fine collection of Morganite.  Why not add a peace of this pink beauty to your jewelry collection!

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