Alex Sepkus is out! Or, as he might say, Alex Sepkus is also not so out. In a world full of designers scrambling to turn fine jewellery into an offshoot of the fashion industry — and therefore, by nature, attuned to the fad (it‘s called the rag trade for a reason) — Alex remains so focused he never feels the need to chase anything. Why should he? His picture is big, like a magnificent mosaic; the components comprise detailing so small he and his workforce require microscopes to execute it, which is only the first contradiction from this designer.
Alex Sepkus makes no sense. Somewhere between P.G. Wodehouse (of whom he is a big fan) and a worn flagstone from a medieval church floor, Alex found timeless beauty. So, perhaps he makes perfect sense.
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“Jewelry, Art, Life. For some, all three are one and the same. But Barbara Westwood stands apart as a highly trained artist who has chosen to express her creativity in the three-dimensional medium of jewelry. As one of the brightest stars in the galaxy of American designers, she has been elected to the prestigious American Jewelry Design Council for her consistent display of striking talent and singular style. Master of her craft, she endows her work with an articulation of individual vision that elevates the spirit of the wearer and sets the pace for an entire industry.”

Susan B. Johnson G.G.
Director: Gemological Institute of America

The name Benchmark, symbolizes “the point by which all others are measured.” Forty years ago, Tom Tosyali built his 1st factory with the intention of creating the “Benchmark” in wedding rings. His products have been built on the premise of being the highest quality wedding rings in the market. For this to be achievable, he has built his business around the highest of technologies to insure that customers consistently receive the “Benchmark” of wedding rings and customer service.

Benchmark wedding rings are neither arbitrarily designed nor created. They are crafted to perfect form, shape and purpose. Every angle has been designed from a concept, and built to perfection. The final presentation, in which you see, is only a mere reflection of the extraordinary manufacturing Benchmark possesses which has taken years to develop and perfect. Coupled with Benchmark’s outstanding Lifetime Guarantee, these rings will always uphold the appearance they were built to have. Visit an authorized Benchmark retailer near you to see crafted perfection and unmistakable beauty for yourself.

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Camels are juxtaposed with jets and ancient texts are explored as fervently as the frontiers of modern science. The wisdom of the ages provides a solid foundation for innovation. This is fertile ground for creative minds.

Drawing inspiration from these influences, Nelly Cohen, contemporary Israeli designer, combines old world craftsmanship with leading edge technology.

Nelly, a graduate of Haifu University with a master’s degree in French literature, as integrated her love of poetry into her designs.

“I start with words,” she says … “The lyric precedes the design. When I hear the rhythm I know a winner is born.”

About the name: Cherie (sweet in French). Dori, indeed very Cherie, the eldest of the three children in the family was the inspiration for the name Cheri Dori.

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Diadori is a revolutionary bridal line by Cherie Dori Inc., who has been creating beautiful jewelry for over a decade. The Diadori line is one of the only bridal lines based around technology and social media by using state-of-the-art iPhone, Android, and Facebook applications. With these applications, you can view every ring in hi-def 3D images from every angle. You can even view the ring on a human hand, leaving little to the imagination. Send styles you like to friends and family and if you can’t decide on just one, send a few to a friend and have them vote on their favorite.

Each ring has a matching wedding band to fit seamlessly with the engagement ring, so you will not have to stress about finding a wedding band that looks great with your ring. Any ring can be made in 18K or 14K white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum and most styles can be customized for any size or shape center stone. We stand behind each ring we create and provide a limited lifetime warranty to assure you are receiving only the best quality and workmanship.

Fana.  A name both feminine and luxurious – yet blissful. The designers at Fana strive to capture an elegance and style in their jewelry that inspires a radiant happiness in the wearer.  Each Fana jewel is designed and crafted with the belief that when jewelry touches a woman’s skin, it also touches the soul.  To celebrate this idea, the craftsmen at Fana use only the finest diamonds and precious stones, and carefully design pieces that evoke delight and confidence when worn.  From the simplest creations to grand ensembles, Fana creates jewels that make her happy.

Lika Behar was born in the magnificent city of Istanbul.

With roots in ancient Anatolian civilizations, this former Byzantine capital has evolved into a cosmopolitan metropolis which juxtaposes sublime historical architectural expressions within a modern skyline. As such, Istanbul is known as one of the truly great romantic destinations of the world and is the fundamental source of inspiration for the Lika Behar Collection. Lika’s family lineage is one of storied gold coin dealers; a trade long believed to be the lifeline of the Mediterranean. Her collection elegantly reconciles the rich inspiration of ancient jewelry traditions, utilizing only pure and nimble 24 Karat gold. The results are pieces wrought with a sensual and tactile modernism. The 2008 collection is also infused with brilliant gemstones reflecting the varying hues that recall the depths of blue waters that cradle Lika’s birth country. Her workroom in Istanbul deftly reconciles ancient history with the sensibility of the modern world. Each piece from the collection is uniquely hand wrought with the exquisite precision once celebrated by ancient artisans; yielding a tawny luxury fit for the modern woman whose jewelry reflects, at the same time ancient history, and the art that is the modern feminine spirit.

Makur Desings established in 1995, is a family owned and operated business. Designer Masis Hagopian’s goal to capture the unexpected beauty of everybody objects. His fascination with color, shape, and texture is evident in his unique collections.

Along with his wife Arlene’s insight, Makur expects that the final product meet its specifications while exceeding the consumer’s expectations. You will notice the details that distinguish our line; combined color gold designs that ensure simplicity and notable finishes that add the elegant touch.

Our company’s design philosophy is complimented by the manufacturing of our pieces.. Each piece is expertly handled with careful attention to detail and quality.

PANDORA designs, manufactures and markets hand-finished and contemporary jewellery made from high-quality materials at affordable prices. PANDORA jewellery is sold in more than 100 countries on six continents through approximately 9,300 points of sale, including more than 1,800 concept stores.

Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, PANDORA employs more than 16,700 people worldwide of whom approximately 11,000 are located in Gemopolis, Thailand, where the company manufactures its jewellery. PANDORA is publicly listed on the NASDAQ Copenhagen stock exchange in Denmark. In 2015, PANDORA’s total revenue was DKK 16.7 billion (approximately EUR 2.2 billion).

AWARD WINNING DESIGNER MARK SCHNEIDERspecializes in contemporary designs. His jewelry creations are known for their simplicity and clean, fluid lines. Mark’s philosophy of jewelry is to create designs as wearable art.

Mark is a third-generation jeweler, and his love for jewelry and colored stones began in grade school with a coveted gemstone collection. He went on to earn his Bachelor of Science degree from California State University Long Beach, where he studied art and jewelry design. While in college, he enjoyed working with clay and metal, transferring that love to jewelry design. He feels fortunate to have the opportunity and ability to create jewelry with the finest rare gemstones available.

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Founded in 1984, Scott Kay has been acclaimed as the foremost authority in bridal and fashion jewelry. By creating a distinctive and artistically designed collection, he established Scott Kay as a coveted brand for bridal rings. Along with this new design inspiration, Scott unveiled platinum as the metal of choice for his bridal collection in the late 1980’s, further igniting the bridal market. Being credited for the platinum resurgence in America, Scott received several awards for his artisanal designs and quality craftsmanship, as well as received the Platinum Innovation Award from the Platinum Guild International two years in a row. Scott Kay’s success was due in part to an intense passion and focus in every endeavor.

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UNOde50 was created in the late 90’s by the hand of a creative team who decided to create a style of jewellery that broke away from everything that existed until then. Tradition and modernity merged together to shape a different brand, with an ever-present handcrafted spirit that reflects exclusivity through design and quality..

The brand began with the exclusive philosophy of creating 50 units of each design, hence its name. Over time and through its rapid success, the brand increased production but still retained the name to remember, just as on the first day, that quality and exclusivity of each design are a priority. Today the company also continues to fulfil its promise of exclusivity through limited editions of 50 pieces that are released with each collection.

The icon of the Spanish jewellery brand, the small padlock, contains much more than a name. With a rounded shape and a handcrafted character, it was designed to symbolise the protection of exclusive uniquely designed jewellery.

UNOde50 is authentic for its:

Unique style
Bold spirit
100% handcrafted “Made in Spain” production process

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Gumuchian is a gem of a jewelry collection that’s treasured by the cognoscenti who can spot true European craftsmanship and superior design a mile away. Owned and operated with meticulous attention to quality by Anita Gumuchian and daughters Myriam and Patricia, this boutique company is proud to do it all, from the selection of brilliant diamonds through their family-run offices in Antwerp, to the actual manufacturing in the heart of New York. These three women design every piece of their sparkling collections with an intuitive feel for what modern women of style crave today. Generations of experience combined with pure passion glow through: owning a Gumuchian is owning a piece of art.

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In 1994, Heather Moore began designing jewelry in which the culmination of each has evolved into what is now considered to be the finest personalized collection in the luxury market. She combines her talent for storytelling with her passion for the arts to create a line that allows you to CHERISH WHO YOU ARE®. This collection is about documenting your story and remembering what shaped it along the way. What defines you? Family, achievements, friends, travel…

We use a freehand technique where each character is individually hand stamped. This method allows us to give every piece a unique personality to match your stories. All of our stamps are specific to the company as we mill them at our studio in Cleveland, Ohio. The in-house steel shop gives us the ability to create tooling which replicates a personal signature, sketch, logo, child’s drawing and everything in between. We encourage our customers to have fun with all the combinations of sterling silver, yellow, rose, white and green gold. With these classic designs, your stories will continue to be shown and worn as they are passed down through generations as heirlooms of family history.

Heather Moore Jewelry demonstrates the utmost creativity with an array of stamping aesthetics to complement your personal style.

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The C6 design concept is based on the philosophy of C6 as a symbol of life. Black as coal and clear as light itself. This duplicity and the elements’ duality embody the magic of the elemental cornerstone, C6 of the living world. The design also plays with time, space and being. An evolution from supernova explosions to modern technology. An existential state of mind by the simplicity of C6 and yet complex.

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William Levine was studying accounting when his father-in-law brought him into his New York diamond business during the Depression. Willie was a quick study in the business, but soon realized that there was too much competition in New York to pursue his own ventures. In 1938 he made the bold decision to move his young family to Chicago where there were fewer wholesale diamond dealers.
He traveled by trains and ships including the Queen Mary to New York, Israel and Belgium to bring high quality diamonds to the Midwest. After WWII, it was the diamond house of William Levine Inc. that pioneered the practice of giving generous memo terms to retail jewelers.
His eldest son Carl joined his father in the business after graduating from the University of Illinois in 1958. Nine years later Jess added his talents to the firm, bringing with him an interest in other precious stones and antique jewelry.
Today Carl’s son David is President of William Levine Inc., and under his direction has launched William Levine Fine Jewels, LLC a full line of fine finished jewelry including the classic three-stone ring, diamond necklaces and bracelets as well as precious stone jewelry made with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.